Meet us

HRCS was born as a response to solutions focused exclusively on people, not only as a means to improve business performance, but as a development in itself, allowing personal development.

Our first steps as a Human Resources Consulting service have been focused on the search and selection of the profiles required by our clients, and throughout our more than 10 years of life we have been growing along with them, also helping in the development and training of Its employees, identifying new formulas that allow to improve their processes and valuing the key competences that allow the best performance.

And today we are still moving forward. Currently, we have developed technology-based solutions that allow us to consolidate the work done in selection, training and consulting, while facilitating the customer to start any improvement that they seek.

Our team

Working together in a team is an essential element in the organizations, but for HRCS we are convinced of this thanks to the experience of collaborating with our clients. The services related to the human resources of an organization can be very diverse, this has meant that our team reflects that same diversity in academic formation (mathematics, computer science, psychology, economics, social work, communication, etc.) as well as the profiles Personality and skills that describe them.