Training as tool to improve competitiveness , never as an end in itself. From HRCS, we have a clear vision that training actions are only the means that can allow us to develop people to achieve new goals and goals that organizations have before them.

Our training services are developed in three phases that help us highlight the key aspects to the success of the learning processes we develop.

  1. Identification of objectives that are intended to achieve and concretization of the behaviors and competencies that need to be learned by the people who should contribute to the achievement of those objectives.
  2. Design, planning and execution of training actions with an eminent practical and oriented to the short-term implementation of the learning developed in the different sessions.
  3. Any action associated with development and improvement does not make much sense if there are no indicators and parameters that allow us to assess both the learning and the impact it has on the organization.

Last training actions developed:

  • Communication skills for team management
  • Closing sales in automotive
  • Inspection and control of horticultural production processes

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