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A few months ago te European Commission published the famous Eurobarometer, a series of public opinion surveys about general european issues. The study, which examines the perception of European citizens about the quality of life in their cities, shows Málaga as one of the best place to live in Europe!

We could give many reasons about to work here, aspects such as the state of infrastructures and services, work opportunities, the housing situation, the integration of foreigners and the feeling of security. Reasons are many, but we are going to condensate in a simple decalogue so you will package asap!

We share with you some reasons happily 🙂

  • Weather: we can say it in a word: sunny. In Malaga we enjoy 300 days of sun per year and the temperature average is 19º. We have to say that in Malaga there is the village with the best climate in Europe, which is Torrox.


Alamy Stock Photo - Pinterest | Good weather is a constancy in this place
Good weather is a constancy in this place | Alamy Stock Photo – Pinterest
  • Prices: your pocket is relaxed here as soon as you don’t go to the Golden Mile Beach in Marbella. In fact, you are going to find prices cheaper than other cities. Still, we have to mention the great quality in gastronomy, you have to try it!
Picture from
The quality of the local food and beers are very nice | Picture from
  • Vibrant city: you have plenty of options to enjoy in the city, from culture (museums, theatre, cinemas…), nature (mountains, beaches…), festivals and parties… Malaga has not reason to envy other great cities of Spain. It is include a great airport with connections with other cities around the world (including New York!), the service of highspeed rail connected directly with cities like Seville, Madrid and Barcelona… Definitely, you have everything you need in this place.
  • Beauty: This a very beautiful place, but we have to be honest, there are more places in this region of the world very near to visit, such are Mijas, Frigiliana and Ronda. It is a must mention the proximity of other great historical cities like Granada, Cordoba and Seville.
  • Technological hub: Malaga is becoming one of the most important cities for Spain for both national and international IT companies. In fact, there are plenty of job opportunities coming from several sectors such are video-games, software, developers of any programming language (Java, PHP and .Net, among others), from junior to senior profiles. Take a look here.
One of the most important events for developers is J On the Beach and it's celebrated in Malaga | Picture from J On the Beach
One of the most important events for developers is J On the Beach and it’s celebrated in Malaga | Picture from J On the Beach
Convinced? If you are willing to work in Malaga take a look to our job opportunities, the latest IT and general work positions of the market are available in HRCS! 😉

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