Data Visualisation Engineer


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Our client is a software research company with a passion for bringing academic computer science papers into software products that are easy to be used by anyone. The company is headquartered in Malaga and with US investors.

They are a team of 8 developers. An R&D software lab focused on Big Data technologies.

Now they are building the first state-of-the-art Data Series Management System.




Skillset requirements: 
BSc or MSc in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or equivalent experience 
Proficiency in JavaScript and web application development (familiarity with React.js and/or AngularJS preferred and Node) 
Experience with data visualisation tools, such as D3.js , Vega-Lite, Carto or others. 
Tackle open-ended problems independently, and think outside the box


The work 
Data Visualisation developer familiar with Front End technologies and an eye on the Backend to join our team and work in this Data Series Platform: 
This role will lead the Front End team creating all different interfaces for each use case based on the library of opensource algorithms. 


  • Location: 500sqm in a wonderful office in the city centre of Malaga just beside the Central Market.
  • Unlimited holidays 
  • Private Health Insurance for you and your direct family

Data Visualisation Engineer

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