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Our web developers are responsible for providing cutting edge web and mobile sites to our customers. Built in a modular and extensible way using the latest technologies, the team is able to deliver a lightning fast and feature rich experience to customers around the globe.


You need to have a strong background in full stack web development on both web and mobile, with expertise in both Ruby and JavaScript. You need to be independent and resourceful, be able to communicate and collaborate effectively, and be able to thrive in a fast paced environment.


Experience with full stack web development on both mobile and desktop.

Experience with OO programming

Experience with various Ruby and JavaScript frameworks – Ruby on Rails,

Sinatra, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Node.js, React.js, etc

At least 3 years of experience in the skills above

A good communicator: to communicate well with both technical and nontechnical staff, across distributed teams and local departments

A keen learner: to be able to adapt to new, complex development environments and stay up to date with the latest technologies trends

A solid engineer – you find something magical about solving problems with elegant but simple solutions. You have deep knowledge of OOP and design patterns and are a good problem solver with attention to detail and critical thinking skills.

Passionate about web development – you are comfortable on both server and client side.


Develop and code at all levels of various web applications using Ruby and Javascript.

• Build applications that focus on great user experience.

• Play a key role in the full development cycle and direction of feature sets.

• Take feature requests and user stories from a range of different business owners and translate them into a set of re-usable components.

• Participate and/or take ownership over the internal software features, from requirements gathering, to design and implementation, to production


• Translate technical requirements into elegant code solutions.

• Work with development, operations, testing and others to identify and resolve bottlenecks on the path to production.


Automatic incorporation

Negotiable salary