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Fecha publicación:  06/03/2015
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Población: Mijas


Important international company situated in the Cala de Mijas, is looking for a native Danish speaker who has experience with Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  




- Excellent writing and translation skills 

- Native-tongue language ability in at least one of HubSpider’s target languages

You need to have native Danish and fluent English.

- Fluency in English

- High level of knowledge of computers and the internet

- Knowledge of social media from user perspective

- High level of familiarity with search engines



- Knowledge of Google AdWords program (Pay Per Click)

- Ability to work in multiple languages

- Knowledge of Google Analytics and other tools


- Past experience in email marketing



We need a person who does an account manager but you also do social media and SEO.

New business development:

- Research websites, SEO status and social media presence of potential clients

- Prepare and present 1-hour educational sessions to potential clients

- Finalize potential client presentations and send to the potential client

- Website development:

- Evaluate the client’s needs and goals for website

- Assist client in selecting a graphic theme

- Obtain and organize text and photos

- Present content to web developers in a way that enables the developer to produce the website quickly and to the client’s wishes

- Manage client review process through as many rounds necessary to get approval from client

- Manage testing of website on all browsers and devices

- Train client in use of CMS


Social Media:

- Setup any channels not already covered by client

- Harmonize the branding across all channels

- Develop social media plan in conjunction with client

- Coordinate plan to increase number of Likes and Followers

- Write blogs and posts and push out to appropriate channels

- Re-post items as appropriate

- Monitor Shares and other matrixes of success

- Write monthly social media report for client

- Monitor developments in social media field



- Perform keyword analysis and develop list of keywords to be used in all SEO, Social Media and on website

- Edit text on website, together with Titles and Meta Tags, to incorporate keywords

- Develop appropriate landing pages to focus on specific keywords

- Utilize appropriate whitehat techniques to build backlinks

- Track search engine rankings using appropriate tools

- Monitor developments in SEO field



Ofrece la posibilidad de trabajar en remoto, bien en contratación en plantilla o como freelance. Se aporta salario competitivo y participación en interesante proyecto internacional.